Keukenhof – The Netherlands

The Netherlands in spring is a magical place to be!

Flying into Schipol airport make sure you have a window seat to marvel over the fields and fields of tulips in bloom.

Having been to the Netherlands before we missed that small window of opportunity to see the tulips. The best time is between the end of March to mid-May.

Getting to Keukenhof we took the train back to Schipol Airport, from there you can take a bus to Keukenhof. The best idea would be to pre-purchase your tickets. Not only will this save you a few euro’s, but you will also skip the ticket line to head straight for the entrance.
The car park outside the venue was filled with hundreds or cars, busses and campers, but the venue is so large that you don’t feel overwhelmed by tourists.

Keukenhof was completely not what we expected! We thought we would just see fields of flowers which you could meander through and have a picnic somewhere. Well, let me tell you that is was like entering “The Secret Garden”. Perfectly manicured beds of perfectly bloomed tulips all arranged in color pallets to complement each other. Tree canopied gardens with rivers, ponds and lush green lawns. Children playing, people eating and laughing, some even catching an afternoon nap, others lounging like lizards in the sun. We were with friends and packed our rucksacks with cheeses, biscuits, cold cuts and Champaign. You are allowed to take these items in, so find a nice little private spot and enjoy a romantic picnic. If you don’t feel like traveling with a bag on your back there is a restaurant on the premises and also kiosks selling traditional food and drink.
Another good idea would be to buy some tulip bulbs to take home and plant as a little memory of your trip. Something we neglected to do.
I’m so glad we went. Do yourself a favor and GO…you cant go to the Netherlands without seeing the tulips.

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