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Traveling Abroad

Just Two Guys Traveling the World...

Living down under (no not Australia) but rather South Africa, meant traveling abroad was a much longer flight and way more expensive. Now living in Portugal, we’re making the most of relatively low-cost flights and the convenience of having Europe on our doorstep means more content for our travel blog.

Two Guys Abroad aims to assist other travelers with an honest account of our travel experiences. By writing editorials, sharing travel tips, photographs and taking videos along the way we hope to make your trip more pleasurable. We have a genuine love for nature in all forms and will strive to travel and explore new places in the most ethical way possible. Our trips have included city explorations, self-drive tours, boat cruises, motorhome tours, beach holidays and lots more.

Love of Italy

Our Travel List.

Africa – Cape Town, Mozambique, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe

Europe –
Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Spain, Canary Islands, Budapest, Greece, Turkey

Asia –
 Thailand, IndonesiaHong Kong.

UK – London, Ireland

UAE – Dubai

Americas – Boston, New York, Miami, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Cayman Islands.

Travel in 2023

At the beginning of every year we find ourselves a little caged. Like a bird who’s wings have been clipped. EU, USA and UK passports holders don’t know how lucky they are to have the freedom of traveling abroad without the encumbrances of needing a visa. With our South African passports we are at the mercy of the “Green Mamba” and have to get visa’s for the majority of destinations.

The beginning of the year is always flurry or paperwork and queues to get renewed residency cards which will then allow us to apply for new Schengen visa’s…..and with those in hand we are OFF!
2023 is the year of change! Montenegro has been great, but Portugal ticks more boxes for those looking for a 2nd passport. Getting our paperwork in order we will be applying for the D7 visa to immigrate to Portugal. Travel this year is a secondary priority for the first half of the year, so there won’t be many new articles.

In the latter part of the year I’m sure we will explore more of Portugal, Spain and France. With temporary EU residency the world will become our oyster.

Our destination bucket list!

I’ve had a lifelong fascination with Egypt!
Seeing the pyramids, sphinx and doing a Nile cruise would be a dream come true. The Northern Lights in Scandinavia is also one of those natural wonders one needs to see in their lifetime. A motorhome road trip might be the best way to see this phenomenon as you are never quiet assured if there will be a lightshow or not.
A river boat cruise somewhere in Europe and a luxury train ride is also in the cards. Those opulent “Orient Express” trains bring back nostalgia of a bygone era, expensive, but you only live once.
There are so many amazing places to visit that this list will be never ending and constantly be updated.
Once the travel bugs bites, you’re hooked for life!

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Traveling Abroad