We’re Donovan and Mike, a semi-retired married couple currently living in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. We are known as the two guys abroad by all our friends.

So about us….hmmm well we immigrated from South Africa to Montenegro in May 2021 to enjoy a slower pace of life and to use it as a base from which to travel, hence the name “two guys abroad” .

Donovan was born in Somerset West, went to primary and high school there, then did his BA degree with UNISA specializing in marketing, criminology and psychology. His career was mostly sales orientated primarily for the media and real estate industries. He has successfully built-up various businesses and currently owns a guesthouse in South Africa.

about us -two guys abroad
Donovan and Mike.

Mike was born in Cape Town and spent most of his schooling years in Durban. He studied mechanical engineering working mostly in automotive, packaging and the yacht building industry.

We do believe that value for money is important, especially when travelling long distances, but style and comfort are important too. Spend a little more on a flight to avoid a long, painful bus ride, stay in a boutique, character-filled hotel, especially where we can find a great deal and share it with you on our blog, two guys abroad. Then we suggest taking an innovative, off-the-beaten-path day tour to truly experience the best of a destination is sometimes worth it for a more fulfilling travel experience – after all, that’s what it’s all about.

We become so inspired as we travel and sharing our adventures, exploring different cultures and enjoying the beauty we experience is something we want to share with you on our travel blog. Travel is where you can make all your dreams come true. Two Guys Abroad invites you to share our adventures as we travel the world by boat, plane and train.