Phuket Thailand

Ask any seasoned traveler if they’ve been to Phuket and the answer would most likely be YES! It’s a popular and affordable destination that will …


Cape Town

Cape Town is fondly known as the “Mother City”, it’s my hometown and place of birth…so I’ll try to be unbiased and objective. But with …



The undiscovered jewel of the Adriatic, which most have never heard of or even know where it is. Here’s our story of how we went …



All work and no play makes D&M boring guys. This was however a mixture of the two. A work breakaway with colleagues and some down time… just the two of us.

savvy travel hacks to save money

Savvy Travel Hacks To Save Money

Being travel aficionados with fourteen years experience behind us, plus having paid our school fees, we have picked up a few travel tips along the way that we would like to share with you. From discounts to upgrades, here is our sound travel advise for when you plan your trip.